Reporting Academic Dishonesty

SPECIAL INSTRUCTION FOR SPRING 2020:  Dear all, while in-person teaching is suspended due to the Covid-19 virus, please submit all Academic Integrity Violation Reports via email to If you cannot scan documents, please send an email with the information that normally is typed into a report.


Under Article VI, the Academic Integrity Rules, “Instructors must report, using Option A or Option B, the circumstances and academic assessment impact of any suspected acts” that violate the Academic Integrity rules.

  1. The instructor must notify the student “within 10 calendar days of “detecting the incident;”
  2. The instructor must notify the provost’s office as soon as possible after notifying the student, but not later than 14 calendar days after notifying the student.

There are two options for reporting. Each form has more detailed information, but here is a brief summary.

Option A provides an opportunity for the student to accept responsibility and for the instructor and student to reach an agreement on a course-related sanction. However, an agreement is not necessary for an instructor to choose Option A.

Option B should be used for more egregious cases of dishonesty. The form states that instructors should use Option B “when in his/her assessment of the incident(s): the student’s act exceeds the lowest standards of academic honesty; is deemed an egregious act of poor judgment; may call into question the student’s commitment to honing his/her intellectual life; and whose behavior negatively reflects on the very core values of the University.”

Regardless of whether an Option A report is used, the instructor must notify the student of the violation, in addition to “complet[ing] the academic integrity violation report, attach[ing] relevant materials, and forward[ing] this information to the Provost’s office.” Article VI, Faculty Handbook.

The instructor controls the ultimate grade the student receives in the course regardless of which report and irrespective of the decision made by the Office of Academic Integrity or other representative of the Provost’s Office. The instructor may award a reduction in grade for the assignment or the course, a failing grade for the assignment or the course, or additional or adjusted work in the course.