Academic Integrity Quiz

  1. If you had a research paper that you wrote for a fall semester class that would be suitable for a winter semester class, would you recycle it?

  2. If you didn’t have the money to copy a journal article you needed to reference for a paper, would you tear the article out of the journal?

  3. If someone in your class took an exam in advance and talked to you before you took the exam, would you ask questions about the exam?

  4. If you had access to a complete semester’s worth of notes for a class, would you attend that class?

  5. If you saw a formula you needed during an exam on a poster at the front of the classroom, would you use that formula in your exam?

  6. If you ran out of time and hadn’t begun your math homework, would you copy a classmate’s homework and turn it in?

  7. If you saw a classmate beam another student an answer via their Palm Pilots during an exam, would you say anything to them or your professor?

  8. If you had a tutor for your writing intensive class, would you expect that tutor to correct your punctuation?