For Instructors

Syllabus Information

The Provost Office provides syllabus statements addressing academic dishonesty and intellectual pluralism.

Encouraging Academic Honesty

There are practical ways to stress the importance of academic honesty and prevent dishonesty in the classroom. Show that you care about academic honesty and provide resources for your students to understand topics such as plagiarism and copyright law.

Preventing Academic Dishonesty

Here are some strategies to prevent cheating and plagiarizing in your course.

Suspecting Dishonesty in Your Classroom

Do you suspect academic dishonesty in your classroom? There are methods to addressing possible dishonesty without being accusatory.

Reporting Academic Dishonesty

Instructors must report circumstances of academic dishonesty and any suspected acts that violate the academic integrity rules.

Tutors’ Guide to Academic Integrity

The tutor’s role is never to do students’ assignments for them, but to help students learn the concepts and methods needed to do their assignments themselves. With this principle in mind, we have developed some guidelines for tutors in different disciplines.

Faculty Resources

Several resources are available to help faculty understand Academic Integrity.