For Students

Standard of Conduct for Academic Integrity

A student enrolling in the University assumes an obligation to behave in a manner compatible with the University’s function as an educational institution.

A Note about Using Commercial “Study” Sites

Some commercial website facilitate academic dishonesty by encouraging students to upload graded homework, exams, and papers. Using or posting such material puts you at risk of violating our academic integrity standards at Mizzou.

Policy and Procedures

A student charged with a breach of the Student Conduct Code is entitled to a written notice and a formal hearing unless the matter is disposed of under the rules for informal disposition. Student conduct proceedings are not to be construed as judicial trials and need not wait for legal action before proceeding; but care shall be taken to comply as fully as possible with the spirit and intent of the procedural safeguards set forth herein. The Office of the General Counsel shall be legal adviser to the Committee and the Primary Administrative Officer/Designee(s).


In all cases where the sanction imposed by the Committee is other than University expulsion, University dismissal, or University suspension, the Primary Administrative Officer/Designee(s) or the student may petition the Chancellor or Designee in writing for a review of the decision within five (5) calendar days after written notification.

Student Resources

Several resources are available to help students understand Academic Integrity.

For Parents

While parents are often directly involved in issues of honesty and cheating in the secondary schools, federal privacy laws prohibit universities from discussing individual cases with parents. Nonetheless, we believe that parents have a vital role in maintaining the academic integrity of the campus.